Demographic Change and Municipal Management of Diversity

“Settlement of immigrants, demographic changes and Municipal management of Interculturality” is a 2-year R&D project led by the Research Group on Demography and Migration (GEDEM) of the Centre d’Estudis Demogràfics (CED) at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). This R&D project is financed by the “La Caixa” Foundation (Caixabank S.A.) and supported by the Association of Catalan Public Universities (ACUP).

The main aim of the project is to analyse the public discourse and policies undertaken by local government on the municipal management of population diversity by taking into consideration international migration and the various settlement forms of immigrant populations across Spain. After becoming a country of immigration, the Spanish case represents a good case study of the current theoretical discussion on the relationship between diverse settlement patterns of immigrant populations and the management of population diversity. More specifically, our analytical approach consists of three elements: 

  1. To analyse the population composition locally as well as the residential segregation and diversity of the immigrant populations for all the Spanish municipalities with a minimum population size of 1.000 residents. This analysis includes an area classification according to the existence of ethnic enclaves in Spain;
  2. To establish a comprehensive typology of the municipal management of immigration in Spain; and,
  3. To examine the public discourse from a wide range of municipal civil servants with strategic positions in the area of management of population diversity.



Methodologically, the project draws from a multidisciplinary approach and three different strands of research have been carried out:


Survey questionnaire (content in Spanish)


Public presentations (content in Catalan)

On June 4, 2013 the GEDEM organized, together with the Provincial Government of Barcelona, ​​the presentation of the website developed for project "Demographic Change and Municipal Management of Diversity", addressed mainly to technical staff of Catalan municipalities. The event was held at the Espai Francesca Bonnemaison.


On June 4, 2014 the GEDEM organized, together with the Department of Social Welfare and Family, the conference "Municipal Management Multiculturalism: Discourses and Practices in Time of Crisis", addressed mainly to politicians and managers of migration in Catalunya. The event was held in the auditorium of the Direcció General per a la immigració


See photos of the event, here.


Diputació de BarcelonaGeneralitat de Catalunya



We thank all the institutions and individuals who have contributed selflessly to our research. Especially: Afán, Ángeles; Ariza, Manuel; Arocena Egaña, Itziar; Barroso, Nicolás; Baster, Eduard; Berga i Vaireda, Josep; Blancafort Parés, Elisenda; Bonals Florit, Alfons; Bover Pagespetit, Andreu; Carrera, Raquel; Casademont, Xavier; Cebrián, Margarita; Cornellà, Daniel; de Febrer Herran, Anahí; Dominguez Moreno, Natividad; Esteve Brignardelli, Miquel; Fernández i Oller, Joaquím; Flores Muñoz, Rafael, Fuentes, Alícia; Fustier, Núria; García Marcé, Àngela; González, Maribel; Holnik, Natalia; Ibañez, Jordi; Iborra, Juan Francisco; Lavilla Heras, Pedro; Llopis, Carmen; López Carol, Joan; Masanas, Elena; Mendiola Martín, Carme; Miras, Isabel; Montero, Jose Antonio; Mora Duque, Ascensión; Moreira García, Ermitas; Nadal Naval, Pilar; Negredo Carrillo, Oscar; Noguera, Carme; Ortillés, Joaquim; Ortiz, María José; Pablo, Asunción; Palacios, Josep; Pernas, Conchi; Raimí, Manel; Sanahuja Velez, Ramón; Santacreu, Anna; Sarrado, Marga; Serra, Carme; Suárez Bárcenas, Carolina; Takhssit, Neda; Urbano, Marián; Vélez Sayago, María Luisa; Vicente, Susana i Vilarmau, Josep, as well as to municipalities have responded to our survey.