Data base

We provide the general public a large base in which data on the distribution and composition of the population of all Spanish municipalities is collected since the beginning of the XXI century, as well as indicators of residential segregation and ethnic diversity.

We hope this data base and our work can contribute to others work, but please quote the project. The suggested citation for data from this website is: Centre d'Estudis Demogràfics (2014) GEDEM Data-playground Version 1.1. Available at http://gedemced.uab.cat/en

Database for this project is under license Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.



Related content has been created using:

  • Population data from the National Statistics Institute from Spain,
  • the free software environment for statistical computing and graphics, R-Project,
  • the integrated development environment (IDE) for R, RStudio,
  • the web application framework for R, Shiny,
  • the web plots framework Plotly
  • the package rgdal developed by Timothy H. Keitt, Roger Bivand, Edzer Pebesma and Barry Rowlingson,
  • the package maptools developed by Nicholas J. Lewin-Koh and Roger Bivand,
  • the package plotGoogleMaps, developed by Milan Kilibarda,  
  • the package googleVis developed by Markuss Gessmann and  Diego del Castillo,
  • the package Pyramid developed by Tim Riffe,
  • the package dplyr developed by Hadley Wickham, Romain Francois and  RStudio,
  • the package ggplot2 developed by Hadley Wickham and Winston Chang.