The Metropolitan Demographic Context


The aim of the project is to provide empirical evidence of demographic dynamics and the characteristics of the population of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (BMA) and of the 36 municipalities that comprise it in order to identify those trends or observed emerging phenomena that should be seen as basic elements in the definition and development of policies and instruments of urban planning. This project is one of the preparatory studies being carried out prior to the drafting of the Metropolitan Urban Master Plan (PDUM).

Structure and Detailed Content

The project is structured into four specific studies, each one referring to the BMA as a whole and to the municipalities comprising it.

The elements considered as being essential in the analysis with regard to both producing forecasts and clear identification of potential factors are:

a) The impact of the crisis on migration;

b) Diversity and evolution of residential enclaves by origin of inhabitants;

c) Transformations in families and characteristics of housing – in collaboration with the sociological study and the IERMB.

d) Population mobility;

e) Population and household projections.

On May 28, 2014 Andreu Domingo (principal investigator of the GEDEM) and other members of the Centre for Demographic Studies participated in the conference "Urbanisme i noves dinàmiques socials i productives" organized within the framework of developing the new Pla Director Urbanístic Metropolità (PDUM). The event was held at ESADE Business and Law School, Sant Cugat, Barcelona.

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